This is a card Board game for people who love adventures with funny characters


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    Dear friends, we are pleased to announce that we have finally finished our new Board game. After our company

April GS appeared screenwriter and a bright fan of Board games Nastya, we have subordinated our will completely to her plans, she fascinated us with the mechanics, rules, design of the game CASTLE CONQUEST ! We are in the process of completing the presentation of the project. Developed to the smallest detail rules, design, made samples of printing and cut laser Characters. Our young designers have played and tested the game with friends many times. Everything is very interesting and fun. We plan to launch the game in September on Kickstarter ! Subscribe to the news and we will notify You about the start. Believe me, there will be early birds and exciting surprises !


One copy CASTLE CONQUEST - Lite version 
card board game with four funny heroes


* cardboard box with exclusive design 
* 1 playing field 
* 4 unique character figures 
* 36 white card events 
* 20 yellow monster cards 
* 8 cards of the Castle Guards 
* 212 black chips 
* 9+4 red chips 
* 4 bag cards for storing found artifacts 
* Instruction in English languages 
* 4 classic Dice

Great mood for the whole company !

Castle Conquest - Board Game
Castle Conquest - Board Game
Castle Conquest - Board Game
Castle Conquest - Tabletop Games

Watch video >>       Our creators spent a lot of time practicing the technique and mechanics of the game, in disputes and fun battles !

Anastasia, Screenwriter

Designer, Creator of the script and art of the game. The developer of the legend and description of the texts. Designer by education, studied and graduated from the

Togliatti State University. Department of Finance, Economics and Management.

Maksim, Designer

3D and graphic designer . Developed the technique and mechanics of movement of all parts of the project with mathematical thoroughness of variations! By education technologist, Togliatti Polytechnic University, Department of graphic design

Katerina, Designer

Graphic designer.  Layouts, Sketches, Drawings and graphic presentation design,Volga State University of Service, Department of graphic design.

Anna, Producer

Graduated from the Polytechnic University in St. Petersburg with a degree in international Economics. Studied in California and completed a programming course. Working in San Diego and passionate about creating our Board game Castle Conquest!

Konstantin, Director

Inspirer and project Manager. Creator of the design part of the script. Inspirer and project Manager. Creator of the design part of the script. By education engineer, studied at the Tomsk University of control systems and electronics

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